Frasassi Caves – Italy’s greatest caverns

Risultati immagini per grotte di frasassi
A hall of Frasassi Caves

The wonderful Frasassi Caves – Italy’s greatest caverns and among the largest in Europe – are undoubtedly an attraction you should definitely visit while in Le Marche.

Le grotte di Frasassi (their Italian name) are Italy’s greatest caverns and among the largest in Europe, they are located in the municipality of Genga, 50 km south-west of Ancona. So, no matter where exactly in Le Marche you are staying, the caves, are located in the central part of the region and are easily accessible from all directions.

These masterpieces of nature have been given curious nicknames by speleologists, due to their particular shape: the Giants, the Camel, Madonnina, the Witches Castle, and many more! Moreover, the impressive caves along the path are enhanced with various light effects en route…for a dreamlike experience! If you like adventures and you are interested in exploring the caves and a deeper and far more remembering way, do not miss the two speleo-adventure trails: the blue path and the red path, appropriate for people over 12 years of age.

Genga (AN) – the village

Moreover, don’t miss a visit to the tiny and picturesque medieval village of Genga, with its defensive walls and imposing castle perched on a hill overlooking the valley and the countryside of Marche. So, enjoy a relaxing walk down the streets and admire the medieval houses built right into the limestone…you’ll seem to go back in time!

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